Mock Exams IGCSE

Mock Exams IGCSE


Online Mock Exams  are effective ways to evaluate your performance before real IGCSE Exams. Our rates are fixed. Students that undergo the Mock Exam Class will normally engage in 3 months of normal class to ensure A’s in their real exam.

Pre requisite for the Mock Exam Class

  • Completed syllabus
  • 4 months before real exam


We provide mock exams for IGCSE students. The exam will be conducted online. Students will learn  by completing the forecast questions. Explanation and counselling will be provided if necessary

  1. Science
  2. English
  3. B. Melayu
  4. Korean
  5. Add Math
  6. Physics
  7. Biology
  8. Combine Science
  9. English.
  10. Business Studies
  11. Economics

Online tuition class can be conducted from anywhere around the world. You may request from us and we will try to arrange a reputable tutors to help you.  Our rates are as below

MOCK Exams
Exam Venue: Online Exams
2 Hours of Exams
1 Hour Test Paper Review
1 Hour of Counselling
1 Hour  Forecast Questions
Total Hours: 5 hours


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