Moving Digital – We Help

Moving Digital – We Help


Digitization process is for everyone. We are living in the age of digital world. If you are still using cheque, sticker memo and even hand written invoices  you are living in the past. World is moving so fast that most of the traditional tedious way of working has replace with automation. We provide consultation how to transform your company to where it needs to be and how it needs to be. You tell us your budget of transformation and we will help you to plan.

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We help companies to scale via consultation and project management. It is easier to said than done … this is why you need to engage us. Depending on your budget, we can help you to scale efficiently. Here are some areas where we can help you

  1. Digitization of workplace
    • Email system centralization
      • How to automate email system
      • How to do proper migration of email
      • How to gain control of company’s email
      • When employee left your company, how do you manage all the existing list and email communication
    • Files sharing management
      • How to provide centralization of data sharing
      • How to monitor what is shared and what is not shared
      • How to only allow to view but not to alter. More control on data management
    • Project Management
      • How to manage all your staff using online platform
      • How to monitor productivity
      • Tools use for productivity
  2. Digitization of  marketing
    • Web
      • Types of web suitable for your business
      • Social Media engagement
      • Generating quality leads
      • Leading leads to potential buyer
    • System Needed
      • Automate and track sales workforce
      • Automate your ground crew
      • Automate Human Resource and job application
      • Automate the LIVE Chat
    • IT tools
      • Tools and software needed to automate task
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      • Understand about social media .
        • Who to engage?
        • Budget for your company?
        • Quality leads
      • Understand the concept of SEO
        • Who to engage?
        • Budget for your company?
        • Quality leads


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