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  • How to Register ?

    Register online by clicking the “Register” button

    Who can Register

    You need to have at least a minimum of Degree Qualification before you can register to be a tutor. We will consider diploma candidate if you have 3 years working experience as Home Tutor/ Tutor in Tuition centre

    Any Commission?

    Yes, 50% commission from the Complete month. We just take commission on the first month

    Fees Structure?

    We have divided it into several categories


      1. Primary School: RM 35/ hour


      1. Secondary Lower School: RM  40/ hour


      1. Secondary Upper School: RM 45/hour

    All our tutor will teach for a minimum of 1.5 hour per session. Some parents would request to teach two subject in a single session. As such, there will be a surcharge of RM 10 – RM 20.