• Singapore Math – Penang, Malaysia

    Edunovice helps by providing Singapore Math tutoring to students in Penang, Malaysia. The math tutoring will be conducted in English and if students requires us to translate to Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin we would still be able to help with this request. What is Singapore Math? Mathematics problem solving are heuristics. The questions focuses on […]

  • Chapters for Math Form 1-3

    Some of the list of chapters covering for Form 1 – Form 5. These are the basic chapters you need to cover before you go for your SPM examination. If you have left out any of those chapters, please go though and revise it thoroughly. All the best students Modern Math (F1,F2,F3,F4,F5) Whole Numbers Number […]

  • Home School Math for Year 1- Year 4

    Again we will amazed you with all the things we have over here. Download our Math Board game suitable for Year 1 to Year 4. This is one of the coolest masterpiece created by one of our junior friends in SK MINDA. You may use this as your teaching aid. Lear Add and Subtract the […]

  • Form 1 Integer

    Here is the form 1 Integer exercises provided by and We hope the following note will help students to do well in their coming exam. Oh Yea!! will be useful for Peka Exam too. More Notes will come soon and will be uploaded online. Hope to see you guys soon Download  

  • Holiday Math Course

    If you are spending a long holiday in Malaysia, why not engage your child in our holiday program. We are keen to provide Math courses for students from Malaysia, Korean, Japanese and etc. The holiday program is tailored for for anyone who are keen to learn Math. The shourt course can last for one week, […]