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  • Singapore Math – Penang, Malaysia

    Edunovice helps by providing Singapore Math tutoring to students in Penang, Malaysia. The math tutoring will be conducted in English and if students requires us to translate to Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin we would still be able to help with this request. What is Singapore Math? Mathematics problem solving are heuristics. The questions focuses on […]

  • Home Tutoring UPSR, PT3, SPM IGCSE

    Edunovice is offering tutoring services to students of UPSR, PT3, SPM. All our tutors will have more than 4 years of teaching experience either as private tutor or school teacher. We can conduct classes both online and offline. We ensure you that you will enjoy participating in our classes. What subjects we offer Local Students B. […]

  • Why Students lack of interest in learning

    Every students strive for success. Edunovice believes that all students want good grades in exam but due to certain factors they tend perform poorly in school and academics. We tried to dissect the problems and found out that most of the students tend to learn via memorizing rather than understanding concept. Learning become dull and […]

  • Why IGCSE

    Here is the simple write out why IGCSE is important to us. How IGCSE changes our world and what it means by  IGCSE is the best program in the world. WE cant deny that IGCSE programs helps many students  and it is one of the most holistic program in the world. While SAT looses its […]

  • Online Home School Subang Jaya

    Looking for homeschool in Subang Jaya. Why not give us a call we can arrange for you an online class. We have qualified tutors ranging from Math, Science, Physics, Biology, Chemistry , English and Business Studies . Our Online class combine with LIVE tutoring capable of handling up to 10 students in a class. You […]

  • Penang Tuition

    If you are looking for home tutor, you may contact us for more information. We are in the midst of arranging more tutorial classes for students in Malaysia and Singapore. All our tutors have been into training for more than 2 years.  Our tutors are well trained and we will ensure they delivered the desired result to your child.  Please continue reading….
  • Homeschool Autism Malaysia

    We seriously recommend parents to send their child to homeschool/home tutor instead of private school if  your child is suffering from Autism and bipolar disorder. The approach of teaching will be different because it encompasses basic living skills. Call Edunovice if you are keen to get your child in a proper education. What we provide in […]

  • Local School or IGCSE ?

    Which is better? Local School or IGCSE syllabus. As a tutor, i would recommend parents to send their child to local school unless they have the following difficulty Autistic Child Left out from schools due to medical problems for a period of time Unable to cope with school Over the age of 17 and unable […]

  • Home Tuition

    Looking for home tuition, we provide home tuition for students and adults. Please do call us if you are residing in Penang, Melaka, Johor and Selangor. We are thrill to help you Rates for Students (Local Students) UPSR RM 40/hr PMR RM 45/hr SPM RM 50/Hr Rates for Students (Private and International Schools) We charge […]

  • Home School Math for Year 1- Year 4

    Again we will amazed you with all the things we have over here. Download our Math Board game suitable for Year 1 to Year 4. This is one of the coolest masterpiece created by one of our junior friends in SK MINDA. You may use this as your teaching aid. Lear Add and Subtract the […]

  • Retake Bahasa Melayu & Math SPM 2013

    Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda would like to offer Bahasa Melayu and Math Course to all Penang Students. The course is meant for students who would going to retake the subjects this coming July Those who are in Penang Math Course RM 350 Bahasa Melayu Course RM 250 Call us today 012-4594388  

  • Failing for SPM Bahasa Melayu

    If you fail for the UPSR Bahasa Melayu, by now you would be panic because you will not have a chance to apply for any local and private university. There are two options here Apply for Foreign university where they can consider your trial result Apply to retake the July Paper. Please enroll in the […]