IGCSE Penang

We have seen the spiking demand of IGCSE grown steadily for the past 3 years. When the government plan to revert the medium of instruction for Science and Math back to Bahasa Melayu, many Malaysians protest but our voices fail to reach to the Malaysian government. Many parents sought the help from Edunovice to enrol their child in Online Tutoring program where they can continue their learning program using English.

IGCSE is an international program where students will be certified by Cambridge University. It is a British Curriculum where the medium of instruction is taught in English. At the age of 16, students can go to British Council to enroll for the IGCSE papers. It is equivalent to the SPM certification with wider acknowledgement from all Commonwealth Countries including Singapore and UK. Amazing Right ?

Come Join the IGCSE program. We assure you the experience is fruitful yet interesting

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