Home Tuition Class

What is home tuition class? There is an emerging trend in Penang and Kuala Lumpur today from a normal private tutoring to group tutoring. A home tuition class is similar to tuition center. They emphased to provide tuition to small group of students within the residential area. Home Tuition Class can be very effective if it is executed without bias. Choosing the right home tuition class may be crucial and here I have provided some guide for parents

  1. Ensure the class size is not more than 5
  2. Ensure that the level of IQ among the students is similar
  3. Age gap should be within the range of + – 1
  4. The group do not mix language class with math. It is ineffective
  5. Talk to the parents who pick up their kids and ask for their opinion before enrolling home tuition class.
  6. If your child is too weak, we would recommend home tutoring/ private tutoring.
  7. Make sure the teacher emphasized not just in smart students but as much attention to the slow learners

Where can you Find Home Tuition Class
Currently Edunvoice provide home tuition class in Penang (Leader Garden). We ensure the quality of education for every child. Notes will be provided to all our students. We emphasized up to 5 students per class. Our rates is RM 200 per subject.  Do call 012-4594388 for more information


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