Physics Form 5 Radioactive

In this chapter, students will learn the concept of Radioactive radiations. Students must understand what makes an atom undergo radiations and why? Atom undergoes radioactive radiations because it is trying to achieve a stable state. Usually an unstable nucleus happens due to the oversize of the mass. When atom undergoes radiations, it either radiates Helium, Beta or even gamma ray. The process can happens in days, years, months or years.

Half Life process is a process where nucleus reduces its quantity half for every half life. Lets take an example

For every half life. the number of atoms will reduce by half.  Plutonium – 238 has a half life of 86 years. If given that we have 100kg of plutonium and it undergoes decay. So after  258 years(86y +86y +86y )  the balance of Plutonium 238 is only 12.5kg

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