Home Tutor or Tuition Centre

Are you looking for solutions to improve your grades? If your answer is yes, you have just come to the right place. To compare home tuition and tuition center it is a comparison of services. Usually each subject for SPM is around RM 70 in tuition center but as for home tuition the price range is RM 70/hr for home tuition. The price rate i am referring is base on qualified and experience tutor.

Advantages of Tuition Centre

  1. They are able to complete the syllabus fast
  2. Good peer to peer competition
  3. Able to discuss tough questions with other students (Inductive learning process)
  4. Able to be independent

Advantages of Home Tuition

  1. One to One tutoring
  2. Ability to study at own pace (Fast or Slow)
  3. Less disturbance from class room
  4. Save travelling time
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