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Edunovice promotes several learning services to rural area. If you are residing in deep rural area, you can still engage in our tuition materials. Most of our materials are self guide. Students can experience urban learning by using our products and services. Edunovice Home Tuition with collaboration from several tuition centers (Pusat Tuisyen Skor Minda, Study Link Enterprise and Colleges Malaysia)  would like to introduce

  1. Nota Perdana (Access to 1000 questions in our databank)
  2. Onlinetuitionclass.com (Still developing)
  3. Cecilia’s Smart English Exercises
Nota Perdana:

One of its kind, It is similar to Tuition Gaya Pos but we manage it by using Electornic Manner. You will have a chance to download our lesson plan every monthly. Upon signing up you will also have a chance to immediately download our Ebooks (3 Books written by Skor Minda Tuition Centre)


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