Age to study standard 1

The government is planning to start the Year 1 at the age of 5. The idea may seems good but we need to revamp our educational system. Starting at young age may have many advantages if it is properly implemented. The child may even graduate early from universities and start contributing to the country. There are several key areas where government needs to look before jumping into full force

  1. We need to ensure there will be sufficient schools to cater for the new intake
  2. Since the student is 5 years old, what are the new curriculum ? What are the changes?
  3. Government need to consult Early Childhood psychology the benefits and the approach to the teaching material
  4. Need to send teachers for training for Early childhood education
  5. Since the first year implementation, there will be a mixture of 5 years old, 6 years old and 7 years old in the class. How do we address this problem.
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