My Worst Experience with Tuition Centre

Being a teaching is not all about teaching and earning tons of money. This happen 3 days ago when we realized that my land lord ¬†rented the top floor to a businessman who runs unethical business. The problem starts when the new tenant told us that they are going to turn the top premise into “Home Stay”. Home Stay is program which is similar to “Bread and Breakfast”. This type of business normally promote prostitution which can be disastrous to students. Right now i am really looking forward to change my premise to another location before . Really hope that i would be able to get things running again soon.

Life has its ups and down. There are times when we are squeeze in between and there are not way to run. Friends wont understand your worries and it is up to yourself to climb back up. Life is not all about glory but many sprinkle of happiness and sadness. I really hope things would turn out good by tomorrow. It has been really tiring after fighting for a proper license for my premise.



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